We are a team of lawyers, accountants and other professionals who came together to help meet the compliance needs of individuals and also improve the use of verified statuses to improve access to services and products.

The additional services we offer

ONLY ONE CV service

Sexual Allegation Checks

Physical Verification of Guarantors / References

FREE Continuous Compliance Checks

Tenant and Shortlet Physical Verification

Due process / Due Diligence Checks


The process is simple and straightforward. No need for long calls or emails. Simply open a profile and ENSURE you answer the questions as truthfully as possible. This is because details can only be updated but not be edited. After registration has been confirmed, you can then upload the document you need verified, pay and expect a response which is backed by our N20m guarantee.

ONLY ONE CV service

This service helps curb Resume/ CV fraud. it does not allow any CV that has been uploaded to be edited to suit a specific application. The CV can be updated but never edited. This way when you request a CV from complyng, you can be sure that the candidate CV is the closest to the true reflection of the experience and skills of the applicant.

Sexual Allegation Checks for schools

Sexual Allegation is a serious one especially for school teachers or perple who deal with minors. Being part of our SEXUAL ALLEGATION CHECKS VERIFIED status for schools help provide a layer of confidence for parents and improves the image of your school to the public.

Physical Verification of Guarantors / References

This is an actual no brainer within the workplace. Many roles are required for guarantors or referees. There is a need for every organization to physically verify the guarantors acceptance of this responsibility and the location of such a guarantor.

FREE Continuous Compliance Checks

When we do verifications, we have a free followup service which is the C.C.C ie; Continuous Compliance Checks. As the words connote, we continuously check up on those guarantors with a view to help inform you of any changes in their location and status.

Tenant Guarantor Verification and Shortlet Risk Verification

With the current security issues and lack of funds, it is important to verify tenants' guarantors prior to coming into a premises or an estate. The platform also does a short let guests verification which allows short lets operators to verify guests and also see a record of the guests behavior across multiple short lets spaces. This risk assessment is required for calculation of caution deposit and acceptance of bookings.

Due process / Due Diligence Checks

Due process and Due Diligence checks are a major part of the life of a corporate organization's process. We help conduct these checks and provide comfort to transactions.

What we stand for


When you ask us to send your compliance report to a requesting third party you can be rest assured that it would be sent and in time.


We aim to make meeting regulatory and legal commpliance very affordable for business and also individuals.


Anyone who has a profile with us secures intergrity and that can be comfirmed for who they say they are.

Document Verification

We help advice you as a business on all relevant compliance documents and affordably verify these documents for you while reminding you to renew or update your documentation as they expire or fall out of compliance. This way your business never breaks the law and you have peace of mind.

Send Compliance Reports

People may request verified copies of your compliance documents, we would affordably send these documents to them at no cost to them and a meagre cost to you. Infact, in many cases, it may be free to send compliance reports to requesting third parties.

Here are some of clients

Lets help you meet regulatory and legal compliance affordably and in time